Success Stories

Elizabeth S.

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Over the past few years I have designed & built multi million dollar homes in the Chicago North Shore. Yet my goal has always been to build a cash flow portfolio of free and clear income producing properties. The best part about Andrew’s program is that it works here in the Chicago market. I had attended many real estate seminars from national speakers but the pieces never seemed to fit. Andrew has built his model right here in Chicago and the success is self evident.

Dennis & Mikey S.

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Both Dennis & I have full time jobs and we are real estate agents as well as investors. We attended the 6 Week hands on workshop with Andrew and it changed how we looked at real estate investing. We learned a system for flipping as well as cash flow properties. In just our first 2 deals we were able to put Andrew’s system to use and find 2 deals with over $ 100 K in equity and huge rental cash flow without a single penny in the deal. We wish we had met Andrew earlier think how many deals we could have accumulated to this point.